Customers will purchase a ticket for their party and enter the event space on foot, which is situated on the bottom playing field opposite Mote Park Café.


The pods will be a numbered, fenced box, giving each party enough space to enjoy the event.


Each pod will be have a one-metre plus distance from the next, which allows customers that wish to arrive with friends and other members of the family to meet up, socialise and spend time together in a safe place, whilst maintaining social distancing from other parties. Strict rules and deterrents will be in place and communicated to all customers should any social distancing breaches be deliberately made.


Random temperature checks will be carried out upon entry into the event by a member of medical staff, who will be situated at the main entrance, where they will be checked for any COVID-19 symptoms. Anyone found with symptoms will be refused entry into the event along with the party they arrived with and advised to self-isolate for 14 days.


Anyone randomly chosen for a temperature check will be required to comply to gain access to the event.


All food and drink will be purchased via the event app and brought directly to the numbered pod by staff for customer consumption. Each pod will have its own service table and staff will ask customers to stand back whilst food and beverage deliveries are being made.


Only one person at a time, with exception of carer and disabled customer will be allowed to leave their pod and make their way to the toilets or smoking area which will be situated at the end of each pod lane.


The toilets will have a controlled and staffed one-metre segregation system with both in and out entry and exit, as well as hand wash and sanitising facilities along with gloves made available prior to entry.


Toilets will also be continuously cleaned and disinfected throughout by the site services team.


The only public area for customers to visit, apart from their pod is the toilets and smoking areas. The toilets will be continuously monitored and disinfected throughout the day. Each toilet area will have hand washing facilities with anti-bacterial soap and hand sanitiser.


Protective disposable gloves will also be available upon entry.


All pod areas will also be regularly disinfected before and after every event.