The Event

The event is comprised of various pods, which you will spend the duration of the inside.


A pod is a fenced space, which holds up to six people.


Pod spaces will be designed and located to ensure social distancing from other pods.


The only time you are permitted to leave your pod is to go to the toilet - strictly one person from your pod at a time.


All food and drink is ordered and paid for through our event app. Our waiters/waitresses will then bring your orders to you. You can access the menus via a QR code on your table – you do not need to download anything from the app store.


If you would like to enjoy the event with more than six people, we would advise arriving early and together - our staff will then do their best to position you in pods next to each other.


You do not need to arrive in a vehicle - you must arrive on foot to the main entrance of the event, which will be situated opposite Mote Park Café 


When arriving at the main entrance, you will be required to queue apart to ensure social distancing - distancing aids will be visible to help.


Each pod will come with it’s own pub bench.