Do I have to purchase tokens for food and drink?

Yes, our event site is completely cashless, which means you will have to purchase tokens for both food and drink at the event.


Can I pay via cash or card at the bars?

Unfortunately not, you won’t be able to purchase any food or drink at the event without tokens.


How many tokens do I need?

This depends on how much food and drink you intend to buy, however you can purchase extra tokens throughout the event, should you need more.


There will be token booths where you can purchase tokens situated throughout the event site.


What do I do with any extra tokens?

Unfortunately all tokens are non-refundable and therefore we ask that you only purchase what you intend to spend at the event.


How can I purchase tokens?

You can purchase your tokens on the day with both cash and card. 

Why is it tokens only?

After using tokens at a number of our events last year, we found that using tokens for food and drink significantly speeds up service, which results in more time for you all to enjoy the event and less time queueing for food and drinks.

​When purchasing food/drink with cash, staff will take money, get your items, go to till and count your change out and then return with your items and change, which take on average 2/3 minutes.

With tokens, this is dramatically sped up, with tokens being taken and items being passed to the customer, which takes around 20/30 seconds.

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